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AU in which Carol and Daryl encountered the Claimers. And Daryl wants to protect her from Len, ‘cause he doesn’t play by the rules.

I have huge Caryl feels this week - hope you can deal with it. lol

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Friendly reminder that if you want to roleplay with me all you have to do is aggressively throw me a starter.

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this kid is smarter than like 70% of adults.

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I’ll fookin’ kill you, I swear on me mum


Oooh look a pie!

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TV Shows According To The Tumblr Tags I Follow


Hannibal is about the flower-wreath wearing forbidden gay love between a serial killer and cop, with guest appearances by Gillian Anderson and Gina Torres, sadly, not together.

Black Sails is about a lesbian pirate and the hooker with a heart of gold the pirate is courting.

Warehouse 13 is a…

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✂: post photo of yourself
æ: tell 5 things about your best friend(s)
✌: share 5 things that you really want
♡: share 5 favourite songs
❁: share 5 favourite blogs
✓: tell 5 facts about yourself
♧: share 5 facts about your appearance
☆: share your current mood
✖: something you hate
☼: something you love
ϟ: ask anything

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